We specialise in bespoke cakes and work closely with you to design your perfect cake and that includes making sure the price is right.

Celebration Cakes

For celebration cakes, there are essentially 3 price bands which correspond to the complexity of the design and the time it takes to produce.  There may be slight variation on these if your cake is especially small or large.

Price band 1: £30-£50  A relatively simple cake e.g. white iced with an uncomplicated design such as chunky roses, cartoon style characters or a printed topper.

Balloon  Disney princess 

Price band 2: £50-£70  These cakes take longer to design, and are more complicated and timeconsuming to make, typically with more realistic flowers, figures or more characters.

Sloth cake  Sprintime butterfly  Tennis 

Price band 3: £70+  These cakes are either large, or complicated to design and produce.  Typically they will be structurally difficult to create, 3D models or there will be multiple realistic figures and/or flowers.

Mickey mouse 

Cupcakes & Cupcake Towers

Here, the price depends on the complexity of the design and the number ordered.  Below is a table of example cakes to consider but it is not exhaustive!

As standard, we produce chocolate, coffee, lemon and vanilla sponge cupcakes but we can also produce alternative flavours such as red velvet and 'free-froms' on request.

Example Topping & Decoration  Price per cake for 4, 6 or 12 cakes

Price per cake for 24-100 cakes

Price per cake for 100+ cakes
Swirled buttercream (plain or flavoured) with a simple decoration e.g. glitter or smarties  £1.50 £1.30 £1.00 
Chocolate ganache or Chocolate orange buttercream with a chocolate orange segment  £2.00  £1.80 £1.50 
Flat sugarpaste icing with lettering or flowers £2.20 £2.00 £1.70
Clear cupcake box  double chocolate ganache  Peppa Pig cupcakes_jpg  Hedwig  6 gift boxed cupcakes  Butterfly cupcake 2  Sophie christening tower 

Wedding Cakes

Due to the size and complexity of these cakes, they range from approximately £300 for a simple 3 tier cake to £1000 for a detailed masterpiece with the final price dependent on the design and production time.  Alternatively, our mini-cakes and cupcake towers with or without a top cake look stunning and can be priced per cake from £2/cake.

Joyce wedding venue


We have supplied cakes for a number of local cafes and caterers.  Please contact us if you are interested in wholesale prices.