Father's Day Collection

This year, I have chosen 6 cupcake designs specifically for Father's Day which can be ordered in gift boxes of 1, 4, 6 or 12 cakes.   If you would like to choose any other designs that is absolutely fine too!

To place an order, please select the gift box and cakes of your choice and use the Contact page to get in touch.

Please remember to order both the gift box and the cakes you would like to go in it as they are listed as seperate products!

Buttercream Cupcake

For a simple and elegant cupcake choose the plain buttercream swirl or buttercream rose swirl on top of a moist vanilla sponge cupcake.


Chocolate Ganache Cupcake

Decadant and stylish, this handmade ganache is created from double cream and melted dark & milk chocolate.  Swirled over a chocolate sponge cupcake - very naughty, but very nice!


Chocolate Orange Cupcake

Always popular with Dad's, this is a chocolate cupcake, topped with a swirl of Valencian orange buttercream,  a slice of Terry's Chocolate Orange and sprinkled with chocolate shavings.


Signature Smarties Cupcake

Everyone loves a smarties cupcake, even the big kids!


Printed Icing Disc Topper Cupcake

These cakes have a 5cm icing discs on top of a moist vanilla sponge cupcake with natural buttercream swirl.  This year's designs are shown opposite.  Once assembled, they will look like the cupcakes in the 'Dad' photo (see Shop)

£2.00/cake (select design)

Handmade Sugarpaste Topper Cupcake

This year, the sugarpaste topper is a 'HERO' symbol and is entirely handmade from modelling paste.  These toppers are mounted on moist vanilla sponge cupcakes on top of a buttercream swirl.  Please note, the Hero will be silver rather than blue as shown in the picture.